The broad implications of police misconduct include a staggering financial burden

Demonstrator at a George Floyd protest holding up a Defund the Police sign on June 5, 2020 — Image by via Creative Commons license

The outlay of police misconduct is often measured in human costs. Whether it’s a loss of life, lasting trauma as a victim or a victim’s family, or the harm it does to entire communities. What is rarely openly discussed are the financial burdens of police misconduct on society. Since human costs don’t appeal to people, perhaps the financial costs will. You know, since some Americans are so concerned with the costs of things like social programs and a few broken windows.

Let me be clear about something, I’m not…


In 1917, 156 soldiers of the all-Black 3rd Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment rose against the brutal treatment of Black people by Houston police

Houston Press front page, August 24, 1917. Image: Houston Public Library

Often referred to in history as a “riot” and a “mutiny,” the actions of more than 150 Black soldiers in 1917 serve as a reminder of just how deep police brutality against Black Americans is rooted in U.S. history. While the story of the Black soldiers rebelling against Houston police occurred just after the United States declared war in World War I and during the Jim Crow era, the actions by local cops and members of the community leading up to the uprising speak to many of the same issues we still have today. …

Latino colorism

Needs to be addressed

Sooner rather than later

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If you’ve ever wondered how white supremacy works, take a look at how conservatives are responding to Critical Race Theory

Florida House of Representatives, March 2012 | Public Domain

Recently, there’s been a lot of screaming and yelling about Critical Race Theory (CRT). But all the shouting has revealed that not many Americans know what it’s about. From the detractors to the supporters, all of the angry back-and-forths are detrimental because people are arguing over things that aren’t part of CRT. For example, equating the historically accurate 1619 Project to CRT when one has little to do with the other.

Recently, Allison Gaines wrote an explainer on Critical Race Theory that can be found .

Much of the misinformation being spread is intentional. It originates in conservative media which…

Racial Justice

The menace of domestic terrorism is far greater than the threat of foreign terrorism.

President George W. Bush signs the Patriot Act, | Public Domain

If you step outside the box and look inward at the United States, much of what you see — the worst of it — is the result of American complacency based on the nationalist idea that we’re exceptional. As if we don’t have to adhere to the most basic rules of human decency. Meanwhile, we demand so much from other nations, holding them to than we hold ourselves.

Americans are so arrogant that we, as a society, routinely on ourselves. Our very own behaviors reveal the worst of what we declare unacceptable across the globe…

Police Brutality

A reminder of how Black and Latino victims of police brutality are purposely demonized by law enforcement using the media

Daunte Wright protests in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota | Image: |

In the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center, protests have taken place every day since the April 11, 2021 murder of Daunte Wright. As calls continued to grow for officer Kim Potter to be charged in Wright’s death, prosecutors have since with second-degree manslaughter. If convicted, Potter faces up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of $20,000.

While some may suspect other charges will be brought up, it’s worth noting that , second-degree manslaughter applies in cases of “culpable negligence whereby the person creates an unreasonable risk, and consciously takes chances of causing death or great…

Police Brutality

Just moments prior to the verdict being read in the Derek Chauvin trial, Ma’khia Bryant was killed by a Columbus, Ohio police officer

Columbus, Ohio police headquarters | Image via

While there may be conflicting stories as to who called the police or the circumstances behind who was attacking whom when a Columbus police officer shot 16-year-old Ma’khia Bryant four times, what’s clear is an officer killed a teenager that didn’t pose a threat to him and no efforts were made to deescalate the situation. It took only 9 seconds from the moment he stepped out of his cruiser to fire weapon four times at a child without clarity as to what was happening.

He made a conscious decision to pick a girl out of a crowd, declare her guilty…

Police Brutality

The recent murders by police of a young Black male and a Latino teenager expose the underbelly of America’s inherent racism

Rally for Adam Toledo at Logan Square, April 16, 2021 | Courtesy of Bart Shore |

It’s not uncommon to witness the criminalization of people murdered by police. We see it all too often. It’s such a regular occurrence that even the majority in America acknowledge witnessing it in nearly every instance of Black, Latino, or Indigenous people murdered by police. In most cases, the information provided to the media comes from sources that are too often police union lawyers, union bosses, and themselves.

In the murder of Adam Toledo, you didn’t just have a cop-friendly prosecutor about the specifics of how it happened but you also had Mayor Lori Lightfoot initially…


Bill Maher’s interview with Sharon Osbourne is how covert racism operates in society

Screengrab of Bill Maher interviewing Sharon Osbourne on April 17, 2021

The raucous applause was disheartening, to say the least. The dismissiveness by many Americans of Meghan Markle’s claims of being subjected to racism is telling. The celebration of someone who defended a racist and his comments is the equivalent to celebrating the words of neo-confederates but not the confederacy. White America was so critical of Trump supporters in arguing that their defense of Trump’s language was akin to being Nazi sympathizers.

Trump supporters allowed and accepted his racist rhetoric and were rightfully demonized for it yet here we are facing covert liberal racism. Again.

Donald Trump, Piers Morgan, and Tucker…

Racial Justice

Justice is often determined by the victim’s race

Joseph Mensah, former Wauwatosa police officer who killed 3 Black people in 5 years | Source Joseph Mensah’s page

In America, police shootings occur regardless of an officer’s race. For example, Black cops are no less likely to fatally shoot Black people than white cops. Despite that, Black people are still 3.5 times more by police than white people. The way cops are trained, the secrecy among them, and the protections granted to them via their contracts have created a culture that is based on fear of the general public and a . Unless, of course, the victim is white and the cop is Black. Then, it seems, accountability becomes a factor.


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