Disclaimer: When I say “White America,” “White People,” “Wypipo,” or white-anything, it goes without saying that I’m talking about the white folks who are engaged in whatever specific behavior I may be addressing at that time. In other words, “not all white people” is implied.

If having a disclaimer at the beginning of an article isn’t a great example of white America needing to chill the hell out, I don’t know what is. White men, in particular, have gone off the rails over the last decade. As discontent over growing diversity in the United States continues to spread, more white…

Racial Justice

Justice is often determined by the victim’s race

Joseph Mensah, former Wauwatosa police officer who killed 3 Black people in 5 years | Source Joseph Mensah’s GoFundMe page

In America, police shootings occur regardless of an officer’s race. For example, Black cops are no less likely to fatally shoot Black people than white cops. Despite that, Black people are still 3.5 times more likely to be killed by police than white people. The way cops are trained, the secrecy among them, and the protections granted to them via their contracts have created a culture that is based on fear of the general public and a lack of accountability. Unless, of course, the victim is white and the cop is Black. Then, it seems, accountability becomes a factor.



Y’all need to chill with the hateful rhetoric

President Lyndon B. Johnson meeting with civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr., Whitney Young, and James Farmer in the Oval Office in 1964 | Public Domain

Over the last 75 years, you, white conservatives, have overwhelmingly given your support to the Republican Party. If we look as far back as the Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) campaign in 1945, Republican presidential candidates lost the white vote only once to Lyndon Baynes Johnson (LBJ) in 1964 — during the Civil Rights Era. It was a time when many Southern Democrats jumped ship to the Republican Party because they were subverted by the overwhelming Democratic support for the equal rights of non-white people — particularly Black people.

For reference: Trump won the white vote 54%-39% in 2016. Romney won…

Gun Control

Until America addresses the underlying causes behind why men commit mass murder, no amount of legislation will protect anyone

The stockpile of guns found by investigators owned by Christopher Hasson, the U.S. Coast Guard officer accused of a mass murder plot | Photo: U.S. Attorney’s Office in Maryland | Public Domain

Sorry folks, but banning AR-15s won’t stop domestic terrorism. It’s far too late for that. There are more guns than people in the United States and those that would do us harm are already locked and loaded. Many of them are preparing for a civil war in fantasy land while journalists and researchers like me who track hate groups fear more isolated attacks across the country similar to the recent and past mass shootings.

Do we need gun reform laws? Absolutely. But the conversation always seems to get lost once we begin to talk about banning any firearms. We know…


In the last several years the dominant population in America has displayed a lack of comfort with equitable solutions to racial injustice

Photo by Mattia Faloretti on Unsplash

Equality seems like a utopian dream for the dominant population in America. The majority of American society appears to believe that finding equitable solutions to racial injustice and inequality is someone else’s responsibility. Namely, those who are oppressed by the same system that supports and upholds the majority. In other words, those who benefit greatest from the systems of oppression are largely unwilling to allow others the same privileges they enjoy.

Since the George Floyd protests, it has become evident that the majority of the population will say they believe in equal rights but the reality is, they don’t want…

The responses to a recent article asking what happened to all the White allies brought up a better question: what are allies doing?

Bottom half of a man’s face with hand over mouth
Bottom half of a man’s face with hand over mouth
Photo credit: Jacob Bøtter (Creative Commons)

In my antiracism work, I often expose how and when White people and the people in my own community (the Cuban American diaspora) regularly act to uphold white supremacy. Yes, it’s unpopular and not very rewarding but I’ve always done this. I often discuss how everyday normal behavior can sometimes uphold racist stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. From micro- to macro-aggressions, minorities, particularly Black emerging adults, experience several instances of racism every day resulting in traumatic stress and it must be properly addressed.

A recent article of mine titled, “Where the White People At?” was met with a whole lot of…

This also includes middle-income White people who are one or two paychecks away from losing it all

US poverty rate estimate for all ages in 2008. Data via U.S. Census Bureau data. Image via Wikimedia under Creative Commons Licensing

In 2018, non-college-educated white men (66%) and white women (56%) were the biggest voting bloc for Republicans followed by college-educated white men (51%). These are typical numbers that deviate very little from one election to the next. These demographics represent a good mix of minimum-wage earners, tradespersons, and a significant amount of professionals with income brackets that vary from below the poverty line to the mythical middle-class.

While standing to benefit the most from expanded government programs, this collection of white voters consistently stands opposed to them. Their loyalty to a set of principles that have reliably worked against them…

An alert from federal authorities warns of plans to try to take control of the U.S. Capitol on March 4

“On Inauguration Day 2017, 20 January, unarmed National Guard members were deployed around Washington in small numbers seemingly to stop vehicles from entering certain areas. This group, from the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, was at McPherson Square, which was ground zero for some of the protest groups on Thursday and Friday. Both seemed to largely ignore the other and any interaction was mostly friendly and non-threatening. The vehicle has markings for the 1st Batallion 109 Infantry.” — Mobilus In Mobili, photographer | Image used under Creative Commons 4.0 licensing

While the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI issued a joint intelligence bulletin to state and local law enforcement warning domestic groups have plans to take control of the U.S. Capitol and remove Democratic lawmakers on March 4, the reality is, the date represents the start of something much bigger and longer-lasting. As large protests are expected in D.C., the threat of violence is very high despite the presence of the National Guard.

The bulletin, which warns of “domestic violent extremists” being emboldened by the attempted insurrection on January 6, fails to address the threat they pose beyond March…

As a Cuban-American writer and journalist, it is my duty to denounce the bigotry of Ted Cruz and Cuban-Americans like him.

Cruz questions US Customs and Border Protection leaders on COVID-19 preparedness in March 2020 courtesy of U.S. Customs and Border Protection via Public Domain licensing

As a first-generation Cuban-American, I’ve always searched throughout history and the modern era for Cubans to look up to. In more recent history, there were great writers such as Reynaldo Arenas, a world-renowned poet, novelist, and playwright. We also can’t forget the legendary singer Celia Cruz, whose life Cubans my age were lucky to witness. And looking further back there are revolutionary legends such as Jose Marti who was also a journalist and poet.

When you look at current affairs, some of the most well-known Cubans in America are Jose Canseco, Pitbull, Marco Rubio, and yes, Ted Cruz. Ay Dios…

It really seemed like we were having a moment, didn’t it?

Some of you probably got the humor in my headline. If not, this scene from Blazing Saddles when Cleavon Little asks two Klansmen, “where the white women at?” is what I was referencing — Screengrabbed Image

The summer of 2020 was a huge moment for civil rights. After the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, the country exploded in anger and solidarity with the Black community. Amid the largest civil rights movement of our time, many conversations were taking place about the disproportionate violation of the rights of not just the Black community, but also Indigenous, Latino, and other communities of color. The social issues plaguing poor and minority communities where incidents of police brutality are highest, however, received little attention.

As soon as the conversation moved towards systemic racial injustice or the…

Arturo Dominguez

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