All of my children have been home-schooled for the last three years, and they are certainly more social than they ever were while in public-school. My oldest finished high-school at age 16. He’s not only a smart individual who’s years ahead of his peers. He is also a pro-skater, musician, and artist, who’s about to start college.

Touching on all of the social issues that you have just pointed out, which are certainly created in public-schools. We, as parents and future parents, must also consider the quality of education in the current public-school system. It is in a failing state, and going backwards fast with incredibly lackluster results. This is also having a huge impact on children’s social behavior. Causing them to feel inferior by creating massive amounts of stress and anxiety.

The current ‘common-core’ format combined with massive amounts of ‘standardized-tests’ not only creates a whole new set of ‘social’ issues that kids will carry their whole lives. But it does not teach the neccesary fundamentals of a proper formal education. Kids are leaving public-school more unprepared for the real world than ever before.

The last nail in the coffin comes with the death of creativity that is largely due to the the current format. Kids can no longer use their own natural creativity to solve problems. It must be solved in a singlular format, whether it works for that child or not. The child’s answers may be correct, but if they don’t come the conclusion using the robotic ‘common-core’ format, the answer will always be wrong.

The ability to use creative thinking is completely lost in the current environment. Thus creating more anti-social thinking and behavior, while ruining the ability of free-thinking. This, at least to me and many other parents, is a major issue. Simply due to the negative impact it has on children’s naturally creative problem solving abilities. These kids will have to contend with this for the rest of their lives. When discussing a child’s learning abilities, as we all know, the earliest years of their life are the most crucial in every way.

The death of creativity and the destruction of free-thinking is the true shame in all of this. By creating much larger anti-social issues than home-schooling ever could. As parents, we have the power to fix the current state of public-schools. It is a moral obligation, and we owe it to our children.

Great article and thanks for sharing!

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