Armed Protesters Rally Against ‘Islamization’ At An Islamic Cultural Center In Irving Texas

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I originally read an article about this on Vice and I hate to say it but some Americans really just piss me off. I know I am not the only one getting sick of this type of behavior from some of our fellow citizens. I am also well aware that these types of American extremists are few. What probably bothers me the most is that this is the type of shit that the rest of the world sees. Which in turn is what creates such terrible generalizations about Americans worldwide.

Let’s just imagine for a moment, Muslims lining up outside of churches, anywhere in the world, then what? It’s easy to imagine the horror of what would happen if they did it here in the United States. However, regardless of where something like this were to happen, surely they would be labeled as terrorists, and their entire country bombed to bits. But somehow these people are not labeled as terrorists? It’s obvious the local police thought they were somewhat of a threat. They were out there in force armed with equally matched firepower.

These extremists claim their righteousness with sorry-assed justifications. Which boils down to nothing more than ignorance. Ignorance born of in-bred teachings from their racist elders, and hyping each other up by regurgitating the fear-mongering from their beloved politicians. The very same politicians that don’t give a shit about anybody but themselves, and of course the ‘special interests’ that they represent.

The need to be armed ‘for their protection’ and as a ‘show of force’ is nothing more than provocation. In my old neighborhood you would have been met with fierce resistance from all walks of life if you tried this kind of bullshit. In fact, there was much oppression in the 70’s and 80’s against the Orthodox Jewish community ever so corrupt NYC metro area. We all basically just stood up for each other. It’s called a sense of community. Something we desperately lack America today.

Intolerance in America has reached levels not seen in 50 years or more. Some groups have gone as far as ISIS with their intolerant rhetoric. While these groups come from the opposite side of the spectrum, it is still intolerance. We are talking about the type of intolerance that is wholly unacceptable in America. Because without tolerance, there can be no freedom. No matter how ugly or disgusted you may be with what others say, it must be allowed in order to protect the First Amendment. We are all entitled to our opinions, and our voices are meant to be heard.

Plain and Simple.

The solutions to the societal problems we face in America are quite simple, and they are focused on open-discussion. Discussions that are solely based on facts without fear-mongering and misinformation. Acting out and hiding behind your guns to protest some misguided belief is most certainly not the answer. In all honesty, it’s chicken-shit. It’s these actions that take us back 50–60 years, and eliminate the progress we have made as a society in the fight against intolerance and equality. These morons were not representative of anybody or anything. They are nothing more than 10 or so grown up hoodlums with guns.

Today, we find ourselves protesting the exact same police-brutality that America did in the 1964 New York riots, only to see the exact same results. It wasn’t until my generation in the 1980’s that we eliminated most of the corrupt and racist cops of the time. But in the 1960’s, much like what we are seeing today, these civil protests were met with fierce aggression from the police. The protesters weren’t the rioters then, just as they aren’t now. That is until they are provoked by and aggressive, poorly trained, militarized police.

Starting to sound familiar? Think Baltimore, Ferguson, NYPD, and all of the activists that have been murdered by police, or while in police custody. Yes we have been doomed, as history seems to be repeating itself. What we are seeing today is the same intolerance that provoked the 1964 ‘riots’ in New York. But on a much broader scale. It is now a National Problem. A problem that the FBI acknowledged as far back as 10 years ago, with a report stating as much. The FBI also recently stated that the problem continues to grow.

A simple Google search for cases of firings of racist cops in the last 2 years will yield no less than 20 incidents involving hundreds of cops getting fired for racism. From Miami to San Francisco, Chicago to Austin. It is a National issue that we must all discuss. Racism is an issue we have never fully resolved as a Nation. Now add one of the highest levels of ignorance and intolerance not seen since the Spanish Inquisition, and the result is what you see in America today.

Standing around and essentially protesting nothing, with guns because your an American in America proves nothing. Well it does prove one thing, a certain level of ignorance.

So what’s the solution you ask? It’s actually quite simple. At NPNI we have found that acknowledgement is the critical first step in finding solutions. After that the problem solving becomes much simpler. Solutions are found through the commonality in ALL of our voices. The answers inevitably present themselves like gifts from the gods.

However, until we can all get on the same page and acknowledge our societal issues with a willingness to have this discussion…

Welcome to the New America…

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