Life After COVID

COVID Changed Everything

After surviving a stroke in 2014 at the age of 40, the same feeling of a “new lease” set in again after recently suffering through coronavirus leaving me to make drastic changes in my career

Arturo Dominguez
7 min readDec 7, 2022


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I never felt so sick in my life. It started on a Thursday afternoon about three weeks ago. It came hard and fast and it was nasty. It started with sniffles, then a scratchy throat. It wasn’t much longer until the muscle and joint pain set in. Within hours I was nearly incapacitated. Exhausted. A nasty cough. Congestion and pressure like you wouldn’t believe.

I rarely left the bed for the next four days.

But that wasn’t it.

My wife went through it when I did. My 18-month-old grandson, who had the sniffles that same day, would test positive two days later on the same day the rest of us did. My mom tested positive the day before us but by then we already knew. We got tested to confirm so we can take proper action to contain it. Although in our house, we had no containment. Why bother?

We Were All Infected

Before all was said and done, 13 of us would test positive based on our contact tracing plan…



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