Disinformation And The Tyranny of Evil Men

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Here’s the thing. A lot of folks are following a conspiracy theorist on YouTube (who I will not name) that claims to have the highest level security clearance and just happens to be close to Donald Trump.

In reality, this "person" is not an individual at all, but a small group of Alex Jones wannabes who just make up hyperbolic and rhetorical nonsense in what I assume is an attempt to distract from the draconian policies of the Trump administration.

One of their claims gives Trump credit from stopping child sex traffickers at the border. They go even further by claiming that Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) have apprehended thousands of these crminals, thus saving migrant children from the clutches of evil.

Yet, it gets even better. They also say that the children being caged at the border are being separated not from their parents, but from child sex traffickers. Making for a wonderfully terrific fairy tale.

It’s a rather poor attempt to shift focus away from the very real atrocity at the border. To paint Trump and his racist, sexist, xenophobic, bigoted, cronies as some kind of hero.

I actually have personal friends in Facebook land that are so dismissive about what this administration is doing, that they have become vocal supporters of Trump’s anti-migrant policies.

And when I call them on it, they say I’m the racist. Surely some of y’all know what I’m talking about.


Interestingly, some of them are family. They have come to normalize some racist rhetoric while speaking out against their own family who were once migrants.

They completely dismiss the fact that those parents, who are “legal immigrants” are also at risk due to Trump’s policy of denaturalizating citizens who came here the "right way," (as racist wypipo like to refer to it).

It’s happening everywhere.






Getting deported because they might have filled out a form wrong, or forgot some minute detail in an interview.

I’m at a point where I question whether I can consider many of them family. I struggle to consider being around them without wanting to smack them in the mouth. That’s how we do things in my family. Say stupid shit, get smacked in the mouth. Then we might talk about it.

At this point, I just do what I can to avoid them. I try not to interact with them online, with texts or phone calls. Nothing.

Because if I do, I’m GONNA say something and that’s where shit starts. I guess what I’m saying is: fuck 'em.

Fuck 'em all.

But. I digress.

What really bothers me is when I see people I know sharing videos and articles spreading reams of disinformation.

It just adds to the amount of people showing total disregard for what’s really happening to migrant children and families.

Disregard for migrants who come here in search of sanctuary from gang violence, from murderous cartels, and oppressive regimes, only to be treated as criminals and caged like animals when they finally make it to the "land of the free and home of the brave."

Its disgusting.

That being said, I take solace in being a part of a even larger community. One of white folks united with people of color from all walks of life. One that is fighting this regime by speaking out, taking action, and making moves. To protect children. To reunite families.

While those simpletons take comfort in the words of these lying ass, misinformed YouTubers who are likely Russian assets they are ignoring reality.

The real problems, the real sex traffickers, are those in the employ of our very own government. Empowered and sanctioned by those who sit in the highest offices in the land.

Case after case, we keep hearing of horror stories similar to the one a recent article from Business Insider and it’s fucking disturbing.

Of children being drugged with psychotropic drugs by unlicensed doctors and therapists. Who become prime targets for abuse typically by the very same people tasked with housing and feeding them.

It’s a symptom of people who claim to be “woke" without knowing the origination or meaning of the word.

Bragging about how they are “so glad they see the big picture" and how they aren’t falling for the mainstream media’s propaganda.

You know how it is.

When they don’t like something that’s being said about their beliefs, they always point to the MSM, the "alphabet letter" news organizations, Soros; anything to deter them from their truth, from facts, from reality, for bigoted beliefs.

They use the “difference of opinion” as an out when pressured by reality. But this isn’t an opinions. It’s about facts.

We are at war. A war against ignorance. You could believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s not raining outside, but if you get wet when you go outside then your opinion don’t mean shit, does it?

That’s what we’re up against. The people who say it isn’t raining in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Look, a racist will most likely always be a racist. But these low-key fuckers need to be called out, they need to be ostracized, they need to be shamed back into reality.

To be truly Woke, is to understand what I’m talking about. It’s about trying to be empathetic to the plight of others and offer a helping hand in the face of oppression. To fight against injustice, inequality, police brutality and yes, against putting kids in cages.

We have to continue our tireless fight and be relentless in calling them out.

We must continue to learn from each other, about the plight of others. This is how we win the fight against the disinformation that is dominating our society.

This is how we win against the tyranny of evil men.

Our unity is our strength.

And united we must stand.

Written by

Anti-racist activist, essayist, and upcoming author; advocating for equality, justice, and accountability. Support my work at patreon.com/ExtremeArturo

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