Yes, your president is racist.

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When people show you who they are, believe them.” - Maya Angelou

Trump’s Martin Luther King Day "proclamation" is meaningless. Before you claim it proves anything, allow me to clarify something.

It’s sad that I feel like I have to explain this (surely it’s unnecessary for most), but you racist sympathizers obviously need some clarification. I’m already seeing widespread use of this proclamation as "proof" that your boy isn’t racist.

Here's why you're wrong.

MLK Day was made a National Holiday by an act of Congress and signed into law by Ronald Reagan in 1983.

See that?

A historical refresher in a single sentence. His proclamation is another (typical) Trumpian deflection.

Look I get it. Trump has been on the receiving end of much criticism from his base in recent days for compromising and working with Democrats in a show of bipartisanship. He was obviously getting nervous as was evidenced in all his backpedaling this last week.

Even Cucker Tarlson went after him. Imagine that.

So how does he win favor back from you, his base? Simple. Say something racist of course. After all, that’s why you voted for him, isn’t it?


Yes it is.

So when he labels countless Nations as "shithole countries" based on nothing more than hyperbole, stereotypes, and baseless claims, it says it all. And if you weren't clear, he ended his statement by asking why we aren't bringing in more people from Norway.

Yeah, he bashed the homelands of people of color, while presumably praising a "white people" nation.

That, and everything else he's said and done throughout his life, makes him a racist. His latest comment further solidifies that stance. No matter how much you defend him, his statements make him indefensible.

Do I or anyone else expect that to change your stance or view of the scumbag you celebrate so much?

No. Of course not.

It was acceptable to you before this.

It will be acceptable to you now.

That's the problem, isn't it? The sooner you accept your racism the better off we will all be. Defending his racist words, ideology, and mindset makes you a racist. Defending his actions makes you a racist. Justifying anything he stands for makes you a racist.

We know it.

It's about time you accepted it.

The days of old are gone and we will fight against going back there with everything we have. We outnumber you and we will win. History has never been kind to you, and it will only be uglier this time.

We will not go back!

We will only continue to move forward.

And you, you will be the forgotten. We WILL tread on you. We WILL maintain the principles that make this the greatest country in the world. We WILL continue to tackle the very real issues that are affecting us and our fellow citizens.

We will keep fighting for the sick, the poor, the weary, and EVERYONE in America. We will destroy the foundations that drive your racism. We will create an equal and just society for the marginalized among us.

Love it, or leave it.

So as you weasel your way with word salads trying to defend his comments by validating his words, remember, those words are racist words. And when you defend racism, well that makes you a racist too, doesn't it?

Yeah. It does.

It's time you accepted it.

Don’t want to be called a racist? Stop being one. Stop spreading hateful propaganda. Stop defending a well known racist.

Or don't.

I honestly don’t give a damn.

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