I’ve always called out racism regardless of who/where it comes from.

Are you kidding me? To be an anti-racist isn’t just about calling out the racism in other communities. It’s about leaning into our own communities, sometimes our own families and calling it out and addressing it there too.

As you can see, I've already done that and will continue to do so. This doesn't include all of the other times it has been mentioned in my writing.

Yes, it’s a problem for us just as it can be in any community and it’s on us to address it. In my opinion, not enough Latinos call this behavior out which is why I do.

Now that I’ve addressed nearly all of your condescension by showing I’ve done the work, let’s address my use of “tha” in my name. I have many reasons for using the name I do, none of which should matter to you. In fact, attacking me in that way is, by definition, ad-hominem. But since you brought it up, let’s do that. Let’s address it.

The name is a tag given to me by colleagues whom I work within the music industry as a session musician. Many of which are rappers. So I decided to use it. And frankly, that’s all you need to know.

Now, let’s get back on topic.

You’ve seen my work. I clearly have no shame in calling out bigotry regardless of where it comes from. The fact that you make it sound like this is about scoring points when it’s about a very real issue that negatively impacts us all (including white people), distracts from the conversation and I don’t think anyone appreciates that. I certainly don’t.


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Anti-racist activist, essayist, and upcoming author; advocating for equality, justice, and accountability. Support my work at patreon.com/ExtremeArturo

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