What being a part of of this historical turning point really means

As I was sitting around on this rainy-day writing some music (keeping it metal of course), I felt compelled to stop and write something else. And as a result, here it is. For the masses.

Given recent events, it becomes very obvious what the Metal community is about. Especially to those outsiders who just don’t get it (parents pay close attention). If every Metal band since the beginning taught us anything, it was how to respect each other and not take any shit or disrespect from anyone. Especially from outside of the Metal world. These latest events have shown the world how all of us living the Metal lifestyle have developed into a community. Or should I say, we have always been one it’s just now becoming widely publicized. For all of you outside of the Metal world, this is not for you. But I welcome you to give the lifestyle a chance, and I promise you will never look back.

Since my early days growing up in the New York City metro area. Seeing where our genre came from, and what it was born from. It’s obvious this sense of community has always been there. However, it has grown exponentially into something wonderfully unstoppable. People have declared Metal was dead time and time again, yet here we are. We have developed into a huge community that supports each other, fights for each other, and stands for whats right. Look at it this way for a minute. If the world thought along the lines of our way of thinking, corrupt politicians would be destroyed, terrorism would be destroyed, this corrupt way of thinking on a global scale would be destroyed.

I know that for most of you this seems to be the opposite of how we are perceived. We are perceived as uncontrollable anarchists and downright evil without any morals. However, we live by our own rules. Just think for a minute about what life is like in the pit (the mosh pit for those of you who don’t know). We get in there and seemingly beat the shit out of each other, yet we all live and survive in there with the unspoken rule of “pit law”. Such as in in the way we perceive life. WE ARE NOT HIPPIES. Farthest thing from it. But when someone breaks those rules, we destroy. We end it. For the greater good. So we can do what we came to do. SHRED! And yes shredding is an art.

Now apply that same mentality to what’s going on in the world and tell me that we wouldn't have more control in a more “Metal” society. If the world thought the way we did, terrorism would be destroyed. Corruption by our elected officials would be decimated, and the government would virtually not exist, as we would not stand for selling each other out.

But that’s not what this is about.

This is about assholes who thought it would be good publicity to disrespect one of our brothers. One of their own. This is about a community who came together to fight back, as we have always done. In fact that’s the reason we came to exist in the first place. These sorry ass pussies don’t know what it means to be Metal. When I say Metal I’m talking about hardcore, grindcore, thrash, heavy metal, death metal and any other kind you can think of. Honestly it has been broken down into too many categories for my blood, because in the end we are one. One genre, one community, one voice.

How many other genres of music or any other group of people can say that? How many other groups are as big as we are?

The answer? NONE. Plain and simple. We survived the sorry ass “grunge” days where being medicated and committing suicide was popularized more than ever. Yet, somehow we were always the devil. Playing the devil’s music. In reality we are the group that says, “give me what you got” and “you can’t bring me down” and we’re “stronger than all”. What other artists or genre of music brings that out in people? Again the answer is NONE! Kanye certainly doesn't, Nirvana never did, and Jay-Z and Beyonce never will.

I’m not knocking any artists or their music (because I’m not Kanye). But none of them will ever bring out the passion that Metal and the Metal community does. We may never see the respect that they do, But since when did we care about that? When was that ever the goal? We laugh at that pussy ass mentality. We just want to be heard. And metal-heads, we are being heard now more than ever. Especially today. You desecrate one of our own and we will bury you. We will not drag you through the mud we will bury you in it. We will destroy! When you get us fired up, it most certainly rains blood!.

That’s just what we do.

Not to get back to the political, but if we had the Metal mentality in the fight against terrorism, Afghanistan would have been the World’s mosh pit and the battle would have been over by the end of a Slayer show. Or a Pantera show for that matter.

We are the kings in this life, simply because we get it, we understand. Yeah there are a few that don’t get it. But those fools should just stay out of the way, because if they don’t and they decide to attack any one of us, you can bet there’s going to be a fight. Dimebag is the inspiration for this piece, as he still is for many things in our lives. Pantera, Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Testament, and all the others are the driving factors for this piece. Because I am Metal, and this community has made me proud. Prouder than ever!

We weren't born into this life, we created it. We decided this is how it should be. We voluntarily participate and support each other because we choose to. Not because we’re supposed to, but because it is the life we chose. It is, in a sense, the enlightened way. We breathe, eat, and shit Metal. We strive to defend, honor, and support one another. We are not slaves to the the music, we are the music. It speaks to us, it speaks for us, and it sends our message to the world. And we are growing. Faster and faster everyday. We aren't going anywhere… EVER!

It’s in my blood, it’s in your blood. Without it who would we be?

Until next time. Keep it Metal!

Dedicated to all those who made this community and lifestyle what it is today. Thank you!

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Anti-racist activist, essayist, and upcoming author; advocating for equality, justice, and accountability. Support my work at

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