Lobby Day in Virginia: The Peaceful Protest That Wasn’t

Virginia Capitol Building — Wikimedia/Creative Commons/Public Domain
Screen Shot — Grimes County, Texas Website Pop-up

The Racist Element

“The rally was, as one attendee put it to Vice reporter Tess Owen, intended to be “a show of force.” Not the force of popular will, nor the force of solidarity, but the kind of force that comes packed into magazines, with barrels cocked, effigies hung in nooses, white skulls etched on black masks. It was a force that silenced others who sought to raise their voices, and was meant to. Monday was a day of a clenched fist raised in menace; rather than be lulled by the temporary absence of bloodshed, Americans would do better to be poised for the inevitable falling of the blow.” — Talia Lavin writes for GQ Magazine

“The Democrats are afraid of the voters and want to portray this peaceful assembly of law-abiding gun owners in the worst possible way. They would love for it to degenerate to “violence, rioting, and insurrection” in order to smear gun owners. Has the Democrat leadership actually invited violent groups to attend for the purpose of disrupting our peaceful assembly?” — Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League — January 16, 2020

Dog Whistles


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