When the News Media Kills

As Klan-like rhetoric makes the rounds in legacy media, attacks on the Latino community continue to rise

Arturo Dominguez
5 min readMay 25
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Hate crimes against Latinos are rising nationwide as media outlets allow bigots to spread lies to tens of millions of people while using militaristic language in their reporting about the US-Mexico border. Helping the spread of Latinophobia is the silence from the same people who held former president Donald Trump to account as the Latino community continues to bear the brunt.

They’re making it seem as though they were bothered by the former president more as a person than they were by his policies.

However, because of his rhetoric, former president Trump is largely responsible for the rise in Latinophobia. Coinciding with the normalization of xenophobia against migrants of color, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) hate crime statistics showed a 35% increase in hate crimes against Latinos in 2021. An alarming spike despite 40% of police departments not participating in the voluntary Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

More recently, in the lead-up to the end of Title 42 and the manufactured hysteria from legacy news outlets left many in the US in a panic — made obvious by the flood of anti-immigrant rhetoric. Major media echoed the militaristic language coming from the US State Department of State (State) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as they announced the use of the Department of Defense (DOD) to help with the incoming “border crisis” that never manifested.

Now the narrative shifted to another type of panic: the “strain” migrants are putting on cities using a narrative born of the anti-immigrant rhetoric of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). The same KKK that echoes the language of the founders who feared the “Germanization of America” and the end of the white race. The founders feared Germans, Spaniards, Irish, and Italian immigrants were overrunning the country and wiping out the…



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