Outburst? Logic?

So typical. I call out your feeble far-right response and automatically it’s lefty logic. You do realize that my sources include conservative organizations, don’t you? I’m not left or right. I’m a reasonable, logical, critical thinker. Which by all accounts makes me just a plain old American. It’s what y’all do though, isn’t it. Someone doesn’t agree with you and you automatically label them with something you think is insulting. That might work in the comments section of Breitbart or Fox News and maybe even on 4-chan and Reddit, but you're barking up the wrong tree here.

It takes a lot more than some troll with far-right talking points to get under my skin. If all you’re trying to do is start shit, by all means, get your rocks off. But it won’t faze me one bit.

Written by

Anti-racist activist, essayist, and upcoming author; advocating for equality, justice, and accountability. Support my work at patreon.com/ExtremeArturo

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