Pro-Life: A Term That Doesn’t Make Sense In America

“Love them all, let God sort ’em out.” -Arturo The Cuban

From my Facebook Page.

It’s frustrating to listen to the “pro-life” delegation talk about fighting for children and children’s rights and then they never say a damned thing after a school shooting, or when starving children die in their own backyard, or when a cop kills an innocent child.

The hypocrisy of people calling themselves pro-life and never even saying anything or, god forbid, doing something about children dying is appalling.

I would ask how they could consider themselves morally superior to anyone who believes in the freedom to decide what happens in their own lives, but I know the answer. It’s hypocritical. It’s oxymoronic. It’s nonsense.

It’s a self-evident truth.

These people and their superiority complex are as dangerous to America, and the values we hold dear, as White Supremacists are. Forcing their religious beliefs on the rest of the population makes them no better than the terror groups who do the same all over the world. Which is to say they are much more dangerous than any enemy from a foreign land.

(Here is the part where the second amendment folks would typically chime in trying to “school me” on our constitutional rights. Yeah, yeah, I know how the Constitution works. I don’t need any help from any gun nuts and I’m well aware of the rights that we are granted as Americans.)

Sure, we have a right to bear arms.


Don’t children also have a right to attend a public school without fear of being gunned down?

Don’t families also have a right to attend concerts and events without the fear of being mowed down?

Don’t ALL citizens also have a right to travel freely without being murdered by a crazed gunman with a badge?

Sure they do, but we ignore those rights because the NRA and the Second Amendment people say we should. They tell us not to politicize school shootings. They tell us it’s too soon to talk about these things when they happen. However, never discussing these issues is the worst kind of disrespect we can show for the victims and their families. In fact, it’s un-American.

Have we become so disillusioned as a country that we allow these pro-lifers to run around telling everyone else how to live while allowing just any crazy American the right to buy weapons of mass murder? It seems that way. But it doesn’t have to be.

Far-right conservatives and their outright lack of empathy, compassion, or even the slightest concern over the mass murder of our very own children, friends, or the poorest among us who starve to death daily, is disgusting.

Look, standing up to these politicians who support the oligarchs and the oligopolies, and are supported by them, seems daunting. But we can’t just continue to be complacent in allowing them to continually ruin this country and set us back decades.

The path that we are currently on can only be stopped by us, the populace at large.

The biggest benefit of a racist, self-preserving, oligarch like Trump being elected president is that it has mobilized so many Americans to fight back. In the last year, complacency about politics has become a dying trait among Americans.

We must all stay involved.

We must all get out and vote.

We must all resist.

We can ill afford to allow our friends and neighbors to just sit by and watch. We are approaching a huge opportunity to strike some balance in government in the upcoming mid-term elections. We need to ensure it happens. If we stay focused, we will.

These mid-terms will be our opportunity to take these pro-lifers and far-right Republicans to task in State, local, and federal elections.

So, if you haven’t registered to vote yet, I ask that you do so as soon as possible. Encourage your friends to register. Then, when it comes time to cast your ballots, do it in groups. Get together with friends and vote in massive numbers.

Together we can accomplish so much by simply exercising our right to vote and letting our voices be heard.

Because to be pro-life should mean standing up for every life. Particularly those of marginalized people all over America who are consistently ignored and silenced. Women, children, people of color, people of ALL religions and ALL walks of life.

We have to stop hateful religious extremism in America.

It’s up to us.



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Arturo Dominguez

Arturo Dominguez


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