Racist Tears Are Delicious!

Christopher Cantwell (aka Crying Nazi)

I keep seeing all these articles about how Roseanne “begged” for her job and to keep the show on the air. I haven’t read any of them because I honestly don’t give a damn about her or anyone who co-signed her hate.

It’s not like the cast and crew, or even ABC/Disney, didn’t know how racist and anti-Semitic she was. She has ALWAYS been this way. They all knew what they signed up for.

Again, I don’t care about any of that.

If the cast and crew are so butt-hurt over the cancellation of the show, then maybe they should sue her. Not just over the loss of income from the reboot, but because they’re losing a lot more now that all the re-runs have been taken off the air as well.

For me, when it comes to racists and bigots who use their platforms to spread their hate to millions upon millions of people at a time, they deserve all the backlash they get. We as Americans should be relentless in making sure that the scars inflicted upon them by their own hateful words and actions, should be as deep and as lasting possible.

It’s on us as Americans to ensure that happens. How many soldiers have died fighting this type of hate around the world? How many will have to die if we allow this to continue here at home? Racism is as unAmerican as it gets, fighting racism is where true patriotism lies.

If you find yourself defending anyone’s hateful words as free speech, then in my view, you have missed the point in what it means to be an American. You have lost your moral compass. You are a racist sympathizer, one in the same as any Nazi sympathizer from WWII.

Or maybe you’re just racist.

I digress.

This isn’t about free speech, this is about the systemic oppression of People Of Color (POC). And we, POC, will not stand by and let ANYONE get away with it ever again.

We just won’t.

You’ve seen what happened to Richard Spencer’s broke ass, to Ted Nugent’s career, to the alt-right folks in Charlottesville, and now to Roseanne because of just one of hundreds of racially charged comments.

Sure, racists are emboldened by Trump’s hateful rhetoric. But we are empowered by those emboldened racists. Their superiority complex is not just misguided, but also flawed in all its ignorance.

Racists have weaponized the internet to organize and attack POC, and we have used it to organize and fight back. The difference is, we are stronger. We, the marginalized groups of America, have united under the banner of People Of Color and together with our allies we have the strength in pure numbers.

History is on our side

We will persevere.

So let’s celebrate our victories, but let’s not be complacent. This is far from over. The battle for equality may not end in our lifetime, but it’s certainly up to us to make sure we keep pushing toward a brighter, more inclusive and equitable society for everyone.

Knowing that racists like Roseanne beg for their careers is funny to me because all I see in my mind’s eye are racists in tears. These racists aren’t just on TV or Social Media either. They are doctors, lawyers, judges, cops, bankers, teachers, and students. They’re everywhere negatively impacting the lives of POC everyday, all over the country.

Yeah, I LOVE seeing them beg, seeing them try to apologize, they do it not because they are truly sorry, but because they got caught. As such is the case every single time. I’m unapologetic about it. Because, why should I be?

Ever since my teenage years fighting Neo-Nazis on the streets and clubs of NY/NJ as a SHARP (Skin Heads Against Racial Prejudice), I have truly enjoyed partaking in the creation of racist tears. It’s absolutely gratifying to inflict upon them the misery and fear that they inflict on marginalized groups every single day.

That is something I will NEVER stop doing. Nowadays it isn’t about fighting them with fists. It’s about exposing them; it’s about fighting back their psychological warfare with our own psy-ops; it’s about bringing down the institution of racism that so many Americans seem to be okay with; it’s about breaking down barriers and shattering glass ceilings; it’s about uniting and fighting back against the post Civil War system of justice that was designed to oppress POC and is still being imposed today.

We are going to win this. But it’s going to take all of us. So I encourage all reasonable wypipo to listen, understand, and become allies in this fight for equality, justice, and inclusivity.

Otherwise, stay out of the way.

If you find yourself defending racists or echoing the sentiments of racists like Ted Nugent or Roseanne be warned. We ain’t having it. We will speak up, we will fight back, we will be rewarded.

What’s our reward you ask?

Your tears are.

Because let’s face it, racist tears with a rum chaser, are yummy.




Freelance Advocacy Journalist: Politics, Race, Extremism, Disinformation | Editor: The Antagonist Magazine | Bylines: Latino Rebels, Momentum, GEN, more | #WEOC

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Arturo Dominguez

Arturo Dominguez

Freelance Advocacy Journalist: Politics, Race, Extremism, Disinformation | Editor: The Antagonist Magazine | Bylines: Latino Rebels, Momentum, GEN, more | #WEOC

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