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Life is crazy. No doubt about it. Life is one terrible roller coaster ride. It’s that way for everybody. Rich or poor. Sure, all of our problems are different, but we all struggle with many things. Our own personal demons, so to speak.

Sometimes, life demands that we reinvent ourselves. Adopt a new strategy to achieve what we all strive for. We may all have different goals in life, but all of our goals are meant to accomplish one thing: achieve financial security for ourselves and our kids. We are all well aware of the fact that true freedom comes with financial security. Sadly, in this day and age, we are all slaves to the almighty dollar. So we keep pushing because that’s what we do.

But do we have to measure success by the amount of money we have?

No. We don’t.

I’ve always measured success by the amount of compassion, empathy, and charity I have been able to give in my lifetime. Do I struggle financially? Sure I do. But that’s not an excuse to lead a morally bankrupt life.

Of course, I struggle. Especially since having a stroke several years ago. Which is why I write. This is my own personal reinvention. It’s a good thing I’ve always loved to write, otherwise, I wouldn’t have anything to fall back on. I used to feel like I may have missed my calling. And in that sense, my stroke has been a blessing in disguise.

Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t wish that kind of life-altering disaster of an experience on anyone. To be on one path in life, getting by okay and supporting your family one day only to have it come crashing down the next, is traumatic as fuck. I’ve been through hell and back and nothing compares to living through that. Nothing.

I’ve done so many things in this life and I used to say, “I could die tomorrow and I wouldn’t have any regrets,” and for the most part, it’s true. From being a successful musician to running several successful businesses, I’ve done quite a bit. But since having a stroke, I don’t say that anymore because I have a lot of shit to say. Now is my time to share my knowledge and experiences with the world. To help shape a more positive and equitable future for all.

That’s the new mission.

This is my reinvention.

Nothing can stop me.

Except for death. That has a tendency to stop everyone in their tracks. Well, almost anyone. My goal in life is not just to succeed as a writer, but to make a lasting impression on society. For the greater good. To keep progressing as humans rather than digressing into a feudal culture as we have been doing for the last two decades.

Ever forward.

So what do I write about you ask? A little bit of everything. I try not to talk about things I’m not clear on (or an expert on). I’ll leave that to those that know. I write about the things that affect me (and so many others) and things I have vast knowledge about. I’ve studied racism, inequality, and injustice for most of my life. I’ve studied Latin American and Hispanic culture and history for over two decades. I’ve studied immigration policy for decades as well. And in the last decade, I’ve studied my own mental health issues and how to best cope with them.

I’ll be the first to tell you that not all mental health issues can be solved by positive thinking, taking deep breaths, and/or some meditation. Instead, I will tell you that I’ve tried all of that and it nearly killed me. I will tell you that sometimes we need those little pills just to get by. To be able to function as a ‘normie’ in a society that is fucked up and broken. I’m not a doctor so I will not tell you to stop taking your meds. I don’t know your life and I don’t fully understand anyone’s underlying issues. So don’t expect some nonsensical bougie analysis from me telling you that you are poisoning your body with pharmaceuticals.

Since having a stroke my mental health issues grew into something nearly uncontrollable. For the first two years, I hardly came out of my room. I sure as hell didn’t go outside. It took a lot for me to realize just how bad my life had gotten and how I was only making it worse. I was taking life for granted. Remember how I said that I could die tomorrow and I wouldn’t have any regrets? Boy, was I wrong. I have kids. Three boys. I can’t die tomorrow. I don’t just feel like I need to be here for them; I want to be more than anything else in life.

Reinvention is a pain in the ass. But it’s necessary to break cycles. It’s necessary to break up the monotony of this life we all live. And sometimes, it’s necessary for survival.

How have you had to reinvent yourself? Let’s talk about it. Hit me up in the comments. The best thing we can do for each other is to support one another in our endeavors.

Together we can achieve all the things.

Much love.

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Anti-racist activist, essayist, and upcoming author; advocating for equality, justice, and accountability. Support my work at

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