Addressing Bigotry in The Latin American Community

Arturo Dominguez
5 min readMay 29, 2019

Addressing bigotry and hate within the Latin American community is of the utmost importance. Particularly, if we plan on having a meaningful impact on upcoming elections where the Latino vote carries a lot more weight. Recently, some of our people came for me about an article I wrote titled “Cubans Targeted in Mexico” and I’m calling it out.

I’m Cuban, Get Over It

A few days ago, I published an article for Latino Rebels that focused on Cuban migrants being targeted as they travel through Central America in an attempt to claim asylum at the U.S./Mexico border. Despite Cuba being located just 90 miles from the United States, Cubans now have to travel thousands of miles since Obama did away with the “wet-foot/dry-foot” policy — allowing for Cubans who set foot on U.S. soil to receive a visa allowing them to stay in the United States without being deported.

You can read the article here.

The policies that specifically benefit Cubans came about through the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966. The act allows for Cuban nationals, lawfully present for one year, to apply for a green card while employing the use of the wet-foot/dry-foot policy. The purpose of the act — along with sanctions, blockades, and misinformation campaigns — was meant to be used as a tool to further drive a wedge between the people of Cuba and the communist Cuban government.

Clearly, this policy never sat well with other Latinos in our community. It’s treated as if Cubans get a “free pass” for nothing. It’s a well-known fact that even Cubans are aware of. The reality is that this is an old Cold War policy put in place in the fight against communism in an attempt to cripple the island. The sad part? Cubans get demonized for this policy as if it were our doing. As much as I’m accustomed to targeted harassment, it does get old. Especially when it comes from within our community.

“We’re actually delighted that this is happening. Unfettered open borders only help the ossified human rights violating regime because it gives it an escape valve.” — Comment on my article from Latino Rebels’ Facebook Page

Arturo Dominguez

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