That is so very true.

One thing that could help curb school shootings by children/students would be requiring gun owners to secure their weapons by law.

I say this because my 10 year-old nephew recently shot himself in the foot with a .22 rifle that he was able to retrieve from under my brother-in-law’s bed while he slept. If such a law were in place in Texas, the authorities would have only been able to act after the fact (as you mentioned). So I agree with your assessment in that regard. But the fact that there were no consequences for the parent, in this case my brother-in-law, is a little disturbing. This is how I’m assuming the child shooter in the most recent school shooting (in Kentucky) got a hold of a firearm. Kentucky also does not have any laws requiring gun-owners to secure their weapons from children.

So what happens if they find that the shooter in that case had one of his father’s weapons? Nothing?

These cases, to me, are preventable. But only if we have some form of oversight. I’m just not sure how that can be achieved aside from implementing some type of penalty as a deterrent. Would it work? Not sure. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to try.

We can look to States that have laws in place that require securing weapons to see if that has ANY impact at all, but I’m not sure how (or if) we could find such data.

This is just one example (because it hit close to home) of how I think some new and different laws may work. The only way to know is to start out small, give it some time (10 years or so), and see if they work.

Other than that, I’m not sure what else we can do.

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