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While Jared Kushner talked about freedom and human rights at the Jerusalem Embassy opening yesterday, Palestinians were being executed at will by Israeli snipers. More than 50 Palestinians were killed and more than 1900 were wounded just yesterday.

From a distance.

By cowards.

Let me be clear: fighting for the Human Rights of Palestinians is no more anti-Semitic than fighting for the rights of POC is anti-white. To suggest these things is to take the position of bigoted and racist colonizers that are employed to distract attention away from the violations of people’s human rights.

Much like Trump’s’ plans to disenfranchise and further marginalize POC here in America, he’s allowing Israelis to murder Palestinians, destroy their homes, and starve them using blockades enforced by military strength.

If Trump could do that here at home, he would. And in some ways he already has.

Trump is using ICE in the same way Israelis use their military to forcibly remove Palestinians, steal their land, and murder innocent children. To Trump and Netanyahu, POC and Palestinians are just pawns in their game as they attempt to destroy entire cultures.

These are the actions of bigoted men.

Israel’s efforts are to rid the Middle-East of Palestinian culture and history that rightfully belong in Jerusalem. For Trump, it all plays into all his warmongering plans against Iran.

I am disgusted by the fact that in 2018 we still have to fight for equality. Not just around the world, but here at home as well. I’m disgusted by the fact that even a small portion of Americans still support the acts of these bigoted men that want to start wars and attack POC.

I’m disgusted by Donald Trump

I’m disgusted by his policies and the hypocritical Trumpers who support them. His racist and bigoted base celebrate the opening of the embassy in Jerusalem. They are celebrating the deaths of Palestinians by cowards who slaughter them from far away.

They’re celebrating murder.

And yet Netanyahu, in his speech yesterday, asked the world to remember this moment. What he doesn’t realize is that the world will remember. History will not be kind to his or Trump’s bigoted policies. They will be remembered as men who signed off on the murder of innocent civilians around the world and here at home.

We will never forget Trump’s’ attacks on POC here in America, nor will we forget the oppressive and genocidal acts of Netanyahu’s Israel on innocent Palestinians. They condone these unjust murders to continue unabated for nothing more than the advancement of their personal agendas.

History will never forget any of this.

When Kushner said yesterday that protesting Palestinians are not the solution but “part of the problem”. He seems to have forgotten that those very same people have been driven to stand up against the oppressive policies he, and the administration he represents, are bringing to the table. Palestinians are a people that have historically gone unheard and can only act to defend themselves and their homeland.

Israeli snipers continue to mow down innocent civilians. Women and children. Reporters. Medics. Without conscience. And Kushner had the audacity to suggest Palestinians are the problem.

These are the actions of bigoted men.

We can never achieve lasting peace anywhere by continually oppressing entire populations of people and further empowering the agenda of the oppressor. Not here at home and certainly not in the Middle-East.

As the massacre continues, Israel’s Public Security Minister likened the unarmed Palestinian protesters being gunned down by Israeli forces, to Nazis. Fucking Nazis.

Apparently, they seem to have forgotten the actions of actual Nazis, which seem to reflect the oppression of Netanyahu’s Israel. And yet, our leadership in the White House supports these bigoted oppressive actions. Actions similar to that of actual Nazis.

Meanwhile, Trump’s focus is on meeting with a murderous dictator that has enslaved millions of his own citizens in labor camps: is one of the world’s largest human rights violators and murderers. Trump idolizes Kim-Jong Un so much he has declared that he thinks of him as an excellent leader.

Trump is not out to achieve peace anywhere.

He wants war.

And he’ll do anything to get it.

Everything going on in Israel right now is all part of an obvious agenda to push for war with Iran, to destroy any chance of a two-state solution, to oppress the Palestinian people, sow chaos in the Middle-East, and go to war.

Old men talk, young men, die.

Remember how Trumpers said Hillary was a war hawk?

Yeah. About that.

Just take a look at who is the National Security Advisor right now, John Bolton, the mustache guy. You can’t talk about war hawks, without talking about this guy. We’re still fighting in wars he bears a great responsibility in starting. By manufacturing lies and convincing an entire nation to go to war.

The obvious goal was to further destabilize the Middle-East. His two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) have done nothing but give Iran greater influence in the Middle-East. It is that very same influence that this administration is using to justify more war.

But Trumpers couldn’t care less. They’re fine with whatever Trump does, including policies that adversely affect them, as long as he maintains his bigotry and racism. It’s something they can personally relate to. It doesn’t matter how much damage he does to our standing in the world or here at home. All they’re worried about is a non-existent threat to their whiteness.

As if to further drive home this point, Trump actually sent the Southern Baptist Evangelical and well-known bigot, Robert Jeffress, to lead the prayer at the opening of the Jerusalem Embassy. This is the same guy who said that “you can’t be saved if you’re a Jew,” Islam and Mormonism are “heresy from the pit of hell,” and referred to Catholicism as a “Pagan religion that gives the devil his power.”

Trumpers celebrated this as much as they celebrate the deaths of innocent Palestinians abroad and POC here at home.

These are the actions of bigoted men.

Plain and simple.

Anti-racist activist, essayist, and upcoming author; advocating for equality, justice, and accountability. Support my work at

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