The White Moderate Strikes Again

Arturo Dominguez
10 min readMar 9, 2020

White folks have a tendency to invoke unconscious discriminatory-driven biases and sometimes invoking purposeful superiority over minorities.

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Unless you’re Mel Brooks, race relations in America are as touchy as ever. Trying to address the implicit biases of white folks is only more problematic given the polarization of the current environment. None is more troubling than trying to address this issue among white moderates who typically see no fault in their words, their views, or their actions.

After Joe Biden won the Democratic primary in South Carolina with overwhelming support from Black voters, plenty is being said about those voters and their decision to vote for Biden. Much of what people are saying comes from white folks who were surprised by the predictable result in a state that Biden himself referred to as his firewall.

Some of those words are simply terrible.

Many progressives seem taken aback by Black voters turning out for Biden. Much of that shock comes from Sanders’ momentum taking a hit and his supporters trying to make sense of it. But it’s in these moments where white folks from either side of the political aisle, so to speak, tend to cross boundaries with implicit and sometimes unconscious bias.

We’ve all known that Black voters over 60 perceive Joe Biden as the safe choice and are overwhelmingly supporting him as a result. How this comes as a surprise to anyone is beyond me. As we ask ourselves how people who didn’t know Biden would win 75% of Black voters over 60 exist, white progressives should be asking themselves why Black folks don’t trust them with showing up to vote in the general election if they were to help nominate a progressive.

In fact, an ABC News/Edison Research exit poll highlighted by FiveThirtyEight shows white voters had the biggest “last-minute” swing on Super Tuesday. Sanders held the early voting lead (36%) over Biden (23%) with white voters, but late deciders flipped the script. Of those, 51% of white voters over the age of 45 supported Biden compared to only 17% for Sanders.

“Black voters opted for Biden because they have no faith that white voters will do the right thing and vote for a true



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