Black Lives Matter

What Happened to Allies in the Fight for Racial Justice?

The silence surrounding the murder of Amir Locke in Minneapolis shows how quickly people go back into default mode

Arturo Dominguez
3 min readApr 15, 2022
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

The United States saw the largest-in-decades civil rights protests during the summer of 2020. It felt like some actual movement was about to happen in the fight for racial justice. Two years later, many supporters of the movement are now supporting Biden blindly handing cops billions of dollars in COVID relief money. Funds that are being used to buy more weapons of war.

Instead, the public views local police killing a legal gun owner during a home invasion as somewhat of an acceptable act. Is it because he’s a Black man? Amir Locke was murdered in a similar fashion and circumstance as Breonna Taylor. Is there no outrage because the system keeps killing Black people and you’ve gone back to normalizing it?

What about the white couple in Houston who thought there was a home invasion in progress and fired at police as they executed a no-knock raid based on an officer’s falsified statements and planted evidence? The militarized cops returned fire with weapons of war, killing them both. Only one officer, the Black cop, is charged with murder. Is this satisfactory? Is that why there’s no outrage?

Is it justice when white cops walk free for killing Black people and Black cops are prosecuted for killing White people? Even when Black cops kill Black people they are often rewarded. As long as cops perpetuate the centuries-old practice of disproportionately targeting and killing Black people, most in the United States think it’s just fine.

It’s status quo forever because y’all don’t like change.



Arturo Dominguez

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