Which is exactly why we have processes in place to determine “credible fear” as defined by international and United States law which I clearly specified in my article. The problem isn’t with the definition of credible-fear, the problem lies in the determination process with the new standards set by the Trump administration. Currently, credible fear is being dictated by an agent without allowing a person to prove their case in court.

That same agent, like you, is basing their decision on ideals that revolve around personal beliefs and not as defined by law. The United States Refugee Act of 1980 established explicit procedures on how to deal with refugees in the U.S. by creating a uniform and effective resettlement and absorption policy as well as defining what credible fear is.

Nothing in my article argues the semantics of your personal beliefs as your comment clearly suggests, but simply explains the difficulty of the process, and how much more complicated and expensive it has become under the current administration’s rules. As I stated at the beginning of the piece, “it’s not as simple as the Breitbarts or the Alex Jones’ of the world would have you believe” and in that sense, I achieved that goal.

For the record, no one here is pretending. At least I am not.

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