Why Cops Should Support Police Reforms

Police departments across the country suddenly find themselves facing the justifiable threat of losing substantial amounts of taxpayer funding.

Woman holding a Black Lives Matter sign surrounded by police in riot gear
Woman holding a Black Lives Matter sign surrounded by police in riot gear
(Image by Becker1999 via Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons)

Law Enforcement Complaints

The biggest complaints you hear from rank and file members of law enforcement revolve around the need to act as mental health experts, social workers, medical professionals, and education specialists while being tasked with ensuring citizens receive proper care. The job of being a cop is more complex than ever and it’s because we, as a society, would rather put more cops on the streets instead of funding programs to address underlying societal issues.

Unabated Police Brutality and Misconduct

Over the last several months, particularly during the coronavirus lockdown, nearly all crime dropped significantly, meanwhile, police brutality cases were steady. What we see is a pattern that shows cops using specific rules and ordinances to target communities of color while taking it easy on white communities. We’ve all seen the photos and videos of police arresting and beating people of color who weren’t social distancing while handing out masks to white folks doing the same. When I say police are here for white comfort, that’s what I’m talking about.

Getting Behind Police Reforms

Every argument police often make can be easily resolved with reforms. Instead, their unions have them believing that they need even more legal protections. As it stands, it’s nearly impossible to hold the police to account unless we, the public, provide conclusive evidence of their wrongdoing. Which is why it’s become so important to document police encounters.

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